Jason is a Nebraska native which is where his work ethic and sense of community was born. In 1992, he joined an exclusive program within the US Navy to serve as a Nuclear Mechanical Engineer. There he quickly became responsible for the training and certifications of hundreds of nuclear personnel, optimization of drills/training, and the creation of specialized curriculum and associated rubrics. It was here that his patriotism, constitution, and passion for optimization were born.

After his service to his country, he changed career paths and secured a position responsible for training adults on new technologies to establish proficiencies before re-entering the workforce. Jason developed many courses to expand the organization’s offerings and created a significant demand previously unseen for training services. This is where his passion for technology, instruction, coaching, and helping people transform was born.

In 2009, Jason started a company that was exclusively focused on integrating advanced networking technologies into schools, and within ten years, the company’s growth earned Inc. 5000’s acknowledgment four different times. This hyper-growth was born within a ground-breaking approach to business operations which included creating original programs for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, operations, execution, biz-dev, and sales. In an effort to be meaningful and impactful to his clients, he transformed his company into an organization that delivered business outcomes. Jason will attest that this journey was arduous - but wholly fulfilling. Jason led the company to be recognized as partner of the year for major manufacturers such as Cisco; this also earned him a distinguished position on the tech giant’s advisory council.

Throughout his company’s growth, Jason became recognized as an inspirational thought-leader in the industry and community for leadership, economic growth, and innovative strategies. During this time, he trained thousands of professionals, facilitated hundreds of clinics, and frequently served as a featured speaker at tradeshows and vertical events.

Jason’s style as a speaker and trainer ranges from casual and direct to no-holds-barred inspirational. He’s known for “telling it like it is” and ensures that he connects with everyone in the audience. Using his experience in building successful business combined with a sincere passion to help others master their obstacles and fears, Jason delivers an experience that is sure to usher in change to any organization.

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