If you wouldn’t say or ask something in a face to face conversation, then don’t say it in a chat.

Live chat can be a game-changing tool for turning website visitors into customers.

In addition to potentially bringing in additional customers, live chat allows visitors to ask questions about products or services on impulse instead of taking the time to call or wait for an email response.

This simple convenience prevents visitors from feeling confused or overwhelmed and gives them a sense of being cared for.

Live chat replaces the instant human-to-human communication that gets lost in the online marketplace.

However, this is only true if the conversation flows as organically as face-to-face interaction. Coming off as too robotic can be a major turn-off for a potential customer.

After looking through some of your chat sessions, you may find that you are still trying to get comfortable with speaking naturally in chat sessions.

As you or your team use live chat more and more, it will start to feel more natural.

And that’s the secret… it’s a natural conversation.

How can you make a live chat exchange flow as easily as an organic conversation?

Most importantly: If you wouldn’t say or ask something in a face to face conversation, then don’t say it in a chat.

Here are some tips for making live chat conversations feel more human:

  1. Instead of asking, “What’s your first and last name?” Say, “Good morning. My name is Jason.” This may compel them to introduce themselves. The first way is an interrogation while the second is a conversation.
  2. Instead of saying, “Who’s this?” Or, “Who am I speaking with?” say, “I am sure that I can assist you. What’s the best way to get you this information?” They’ll share their email or number and likely their name. The first way comes across rude, while the second is conversational.
  3. Remember, people use chat because it’s safe. They don’t need pitches. Don’t try to move the conversation to a call too quickly. Be natural. Be patient. Use chat until it doesn’t make sense to.
  4. If you wouldn’t word things a certain way in a face to face discussion, then don’t say it in a chat. How do you remember that or actually do that?

Here’s my trick: read it out loud – and say your response out loud before you send it. Trust me. It works.

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Jason Eatmon

Jason is a Nebraska native which is where his work ethic and sense of…

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