Make sure your testimonials are “impact” testimonials.

Distrust in sales and marketing messages has skyrocketed over recent years.

Not surprising when you see some of the ridiculous unsubstantiated claims made in e-mails.

Buyers may not believe the words of sales and marketing but most believe what your customers say.

Which is why your client testimonials are so important.

The trouble is that while sellers like to receive testimonials, many fail to leverage the full potential of this valuable sales tool.

The use of RELEVANT testimonials has helped me and my clients open doors faster and close bigger deals.

Make sure your testimonials are “impact” testimonials. Websites and proposals are filled with what I call “smiles.”

Testimonials that simply say, “You did a fantastic job.” “I highly recommend ABC company.” “Outstanding experience!” They’re meaningless.

If I tell you that your company provided the best experience ever. … get curious! And get to the impact.

Say something along the lines of, “Thank you, Jill. We loved working with you on this project. And, I’m curious. What specifically made this the best experience for you?”

Now I’m prompted to provide the detail.

“Your project management process was flawless. Your team was always one step ahead of me. I felt like you had a chip inside my head. And I never once worried about missing deadlines or going over budget.”

Now that’s a testimonial worthy of getting in writing.

Be strategic in how you use these impact testimonials.

Don’t just add a handful to your proposal or sales message. Select those that are most relevant to each customer or market.

The example I just gave is perfect to include to a buyer who is concerned about timelines, budget or the management of his initiative.

So … Are you getting good IMPACT testimonials? And, are you leveraging them in ways that speed up your sales results?


About the author

Jill Harrington

For over twenty years, Jill Harrington was a globally respected sales leader and executive…

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