Leveraging The Prospecting Winds

It all comes down to your mindset. Prospecting sucks. But, with determination, perseverance, and the prospecting winds at their backs, they are able to leverage and overcome challenges to close more deals.

Prospecting Is A Necessity and A Challenge

Prospecting can really stink. It’s often uncomfortable and for some people, it can be very frightening. But here’s the reality: If you are in sales, it’s an absolute necessity. The ultra-high performers we encounter have a cool mental trick that they deploy when it comes to prospecting. I call it leveraging the prospecting winds.

Riding Against The Wind

The other day I was riding my bike. As soon as I turned onto a three-mile stretch, a 20 mph headwind hit me. I didn’t want to keep going. It wasn’t at all the relaxed bike ride I hoped it would be. Riding into that wind was physically demanding and mentally tough.

Recently, my son went for a run. He’s a rather talented runner who usually has a very quick pace. The first five miles of this ten-mile run were against the wind. Running into the wind slowed him down. He got tired and discouraged. It took the enjoyable part out of his run.

Last weekend, I played golf. The routing of the course was such that the outward holes were all into the wind. On this particular spring day, the wind was howling. Golf was tough. Hitting balls into a strong wind was challenging, and frankly miserable.

When The Wind Is At Your Back

However, my bike ride was incredible because as soon as I made the turn at the end of the three miles, I had the wind at my back. It was fun, it was productive, and I was cruising.

As soon as my son made the turn at the five-mile mark, his pace picked up substantially. He made great time and found new energy once the wind was at his back, pushing him towards the finish.

Once we made the turn at number nine, our golf balls were sailing much further. We weren’t struggling as much, we were hitting greens every time, and we posted excellent scores.

Prospecting Is Like The Wind

Prospecting is like the wind. At first, it feels like everything you do is against the wind. But the more you persevere and gut it out, the easier it becomes. At some point, the wind will be at your back. You will make more connections. You will book more appointments. You will create opportunities, build relationships, and hit your number.

Ultra-high performers understand this. They know that they must go through the trials of prospecting in order to find success in prospecting. They know that by going against the wind, they’ll eventually have the wind with them as long as they persevere.

They mentally prepare themselves and plan their days accordingly. They front-load their day with the headwinds so that they’re downwind the for rest of their day. When the prospecting wind is at your back, you’ll win.

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