Jeb Blount, Jeffery Gitomer, and Jen Gluckow offer tips, tricks, and techniques for getting past sales objections on this episode of Sell Or Die podcast.

Jeb Blount, Jeffery Gitomer, and Jen Gluckow discuss actionable methods for dealing with, preventing, and turning around sales objections. Many salespeople become discouraged, or worse – freeze up, when faced with an objection. Getting objections is normal, but when hearing the words, “I’ll have to think it over”, it is important to remember to keep a level head and not drown or throw in the towel.

Other topics included in this podcast:

  • 4 types of objections and how to deal with them
  • Responses that will turn around an objection
  • Micro-commitments
  • Getting to the ask
  • Using humor as an attention-grabbing tactic
  • Human influence frameworks of master persuaders

Jeb Blount’s latest book, Objections: The Ultimate Guide for Mastering The Art and Science of Getting Past No, is now available for preorder on Amazon.com. Preorder your copy today!

About the author

Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount is one of the most sought-after and transformative speakers in the world…

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