Here are four things that you can do to ensure that you retain more clients and increase your prospecting success.

Wouldn’t it be easier, and certainly faster, if all we had to do to get what we want was to say, “Shut up and dance with me”?

That might work when you want to find your next dancing partner but as for getting your next new client, having an existing client expand their business, reactivating a dormant account – well these actions take time.

Shut up and do business with me…that doesn’t really work, does it?

Here are four things that you can do to ensure that you retain more clients and increase your prospecting success. They’re not in any sort of priority order because they are all important. Don’t miss any.

  1. Make sure that your presentation includes statements about “why” this company should do business with you. No really. Enough with the factoids. No one really cares about what you do; they care about what it can do for them. It’s really so simple yet so often missed. What’s in it for them…nail that and you’re golden. Tiptoe your way around this topic and watch the competition eat your lunch.
  2. Do you suffer from Mistaken Productivity Syndrome? That’s the ailment in which you are so very busy but not getting much from your “busy work.” Assess how you are spending your time. Is it generating revenue? Leading to potential revenue? What the heck are you doing anyway? (Sending massive amounts of email with little ROT {return on time} is a good example of MPS.) Quantify, quantify, quantify!
  3. Give more than they ever bargained for. Meeting client expectations is nice. Just nice. Blowing them away with your diligence, creativity and commitment to their account is what will set you apart from the competition and win loyal clients and raving fans. Do you want it any other way?
  4. Unless your clients buy your products or services immediately you had best be prepared to stay on their radar screen for the long haul. Fall off the grid and you will never recognize any ROT (return on time) from your business development efforts. Use the three I’s (I KNOW that you know this but just in case you don’t give me a call!) and forget about “checking in” and touching base.” Those hackneyed and old expressions won’t get you anywhere. It’s all about adding value to the relationship BEFORE there is a relationship.

Now let’s say it together – shut up and do business with me.

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Adrian Miller

In no particular order, Adrian Miller is a Business Growth Architect, sales consultant, trainer,…

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