How to Reach Your Prospect With Email

If you want your prospect to open, read, and act upon your emails, start using these three actionable steps and instantly increase your email response rate.

We send over 130 billion emails for business purposes every day. In other words, your sales message will be one of 130 billion.

When you consider that some decision makers receive over 400 emails in a day, good luck getting yours read, let alone receiving a response! As such, in order to get through to your prospect, you have to understand their perspective.

Here are three steps you can take to instantly increase your email response rate.

PVC your subject line.

And I’m not talking about plastic. P stands for personalize. V for value. And C is for curiosity. Pique the reader’s curiosity.

For example, when I read that company A was in the process of a massive sales reorganization, I sent an email to the VP of Sales with this simple subject line:

Accelerating Company A’s sales reorganization.

It’s personalized because it names the company and their # 1 priority. The idea of ‘ACCELERATING’ this initiative piques curiosity. Plus, it’s valuable to the VP responsible. Oh, and it got an immediate response.

Put meat in the body of your email.

Step one, write a subject line that entices your prospect to open it. Step two, actually bring value to the message in your email so that your prospect will read it. A lot of sellers today are using cutesy or manipulative subject lines to get their email opened. But there’s no substance in the body of the message. That’s the fastest route to the delete folder. Your short e-mail must lead with your prospect’s interests and then quickly connect the specific value you bring to his issue.

Keep control of the sales process.

Do NOT end your email with “Please give me a call” or “I look forward to hearing from you.” It’s a lovely sentiment. But you know that the odds of hearing from me are one step below winning that lottery.

And here’s the bigger concern: You’ve just handed control of the process to the buyer. Always close your message with YOUR proposed next step and a call to action.

“John, I’ll follow up with a call on Thursday. If you want to connect about this sooner, you may reach me at … email and phone.”

This tells John three important facts.

You are serious about connecting with him. You would welcome a response, and you are not going away!

The only way to get through to your prospects and increase your email response rate is by setting your message apart from the rest of the 130 billion emails floating around. PVC your subject line, bring value to your email, close with a call to action, and keep trying!

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