Increase Your Sales Success With These 5 “Vibrations”

Every interaction matters more than you think. These 5 interpersonal vibrations will help you build stronger connections and increase your rates of success.

When it comes to the universe, the boomerang effect is truly in play.  That is, when you are kind and pleasant to someone, they will typically be kind and pleasant back to you.

The universe will reward you with reciprocity. Of course, the opposite can occur as well. If you cut corners or are abrasive to someone, there is always a time and place when this will come back around to haunt you.

In the “sales universe”, there are 5 vibrations you can send out into the world that will create the positive reciprocity that you want, and need, in order to increase your probabilities of success.


When you display confidence with your messages, in your products, or in what your company stands for, everyone you interact with will take notice. You must build confidence, and the only way to do that is to practice your craft.

The more you practice, the greater level of confidence you have. The more the world feels your confidence, the more the world wants to do business with you. It’s magical how things can work in your favor when you send out the right message.


Projecting a calming nature will attract people to you.  People want to do business with those that they trust will bring them the results they desire.

If you come across as hyper or unstable, people will pick up on these tiny vibrations of uncertainty, and in turn, they will move further away from you. However, displaying a quiet calmness will bring them much closer to you – especially in chaotic times.


A few years ago, I met a young salesperson who was fresh out of school. He was in his first sales job. He didn’t know much. In fact, he didn’t know anything.

But what he lacked in knowledge, he made up in his enthusiasm. He came into work every day with a smile on his face. In fact, he smiled during every phone call— no matter if it was a positive connection or a rude rejection.

During every interaction with fellow employees, he was smiling. He finished his first year as the number one producer— because of his unwavering enthusiasm. Think about it.


When people feel that you appreciate them, you trigger the most insatiable human need— significance. The more you appreciate people, the more they feel important and by default, they like you!

The more people like you, the more chances you have in doing business with them. It’s a simple equation. However, if you decide to ignore this universal truth, don’t be alarmed when you are struggling to build your pipeline with meaningful connections that will buy from you time after time.


Be you. People know when you are faking it. Take a genuine interest in people. I received perhaps the greatest compliment from a client this past year and it wasn’t about the impact that we were making.

They said, “we sense that you genuinely care for our company; that you genuinely want us to succeed.” They were right. I really wanted them to succeed and was willing to do everything in my power to help them. They picked up on this desire.

Allow the universe to work in your favor. The little vibrations you send out will come back to you. Every interaction matters more than you think.

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Keith Lubner

Keith Lubner is Chief Strategy Officer at Sales Gravy and acts as an advisor,…

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