You are part a profession that has the power to dramatically affect and empower our society in a way that many other professions cannot.

As you enter professional sales (whether this is your first experience or you are rededicating yourself to a new level of professionalism), you must stop to realize that choosing to be a sales professional is a daily task.

As a matter of fact, let me encourage you to make this first entry of your “to do” list: “today I will be a successful sales professional, AND I will learn something today that will make me even more professional tomorrow.”

If you will begin each day with this commitment to our great profession, there are MANY benefits that await YOU – the success sales professional!   Best of all, this procedure helps you make certain your tomorrows are better than your yesterdays.


One of the MANY great things about our profession is that you are truly your own boss.  You are in business, as the saying goes, “for yourself but not by yourself.”


The reality is that as a salesperson you are the chairman of the board, the general sales manager, the chief financial officer, the executive vice president; and yes, you’re the janitor, chief bottle washer.  In short, with the independence of being your own boss comes a tremendous responsibility, and this is the exciting part of the profession!

OPPORTUNITY IS BORN OF INDEPENDENCE HANDLED IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER, and in the sales profession, your opportunities are unparalleled.

Problem Solving

There is virtually nothing on earth that brings as much personal satisfaction and gratification as being able to empower another human being to become more efficient, effective, and successful because of the goods, products, or services you have to offer.


Your attitude, discipline, willingness to work, and organizational skills bring you a security that is not found when you’re dependent on the whims of other people who are frequently incapable of making objective evaluations about your worth.


The growth, training, and development received in the sales profession combined with the independence, confidence, discipline, assertiveness, and caring for other people make that truly professional salesperson a better wife or husband AND parent.


The communication and persuasion skills learned in your career benefit family and community as you go about helping others be all that they can be.

If I haven’t “sold” you on the concept that selling is a magnificently rewarding, exciting, AND demanding career – and not a stop-gap job until something better comes along – and you honestly believe you can live without selling, be about it!

And if you can’t imagine living without enjoying all the wonderful benefits our great profession offers, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are part a profession that has the power to dramatically affect and empower our society in a way that many other professions cannot.

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