Individuals can master success through their focus.

Do you know why you need to focus like a laser beam if you want to master success?

Imagine a laser beam. Where is the beam of light?

  • Is it wide, embracing many, many points?
  • Is it narrow, concentrated and directed to just one specific point?

We have all seen real and not-so-real laser beams (think of Star Trek and their phasers).

And for the most part, when we ask someone to imagine a laser beam, the answer is a narrow beam of concentrated and directed to just one specific point.

Laser beams are much like the fovea of our eyes where we only see 2% compared to the entire available areas that we are currently viewing.

The other 98% is called the periphery where we see motion.

And for those who master success, they understand how to focus their resources into that 2% beam of light to secure the other 98%.

Within the fovea, our eyes are sensitive to color and detail. During the entire process of seeing, the eyes are gathering information while the brain interprets that information.

This is why people see different things when describing any situation from how someone looks to trying to describe a fleeing suspect.

The fovea of our eyes is focused on a different 2% and our brains all process that 2% differently. No wonder most people see the same landscape differently.

Individuals can master success through their focus. First, they need to understand how their eyes physically work and the important relationship between their eyes and their brain.

This lesson is that we as individuals are not designed to remember everything that we see. This is why the K.I.S.S. solution is embraced so often.

When we are asked to focus like a laser beam, what we need to do is to think about only that question or issue and not all the peripheral stuff surrounding the question or issue.

For many, this is difficult because we are not trained to think that way.

We are easily distracted and sidetracked for many reasons such as:

  • Self-imposed limitations
  • Poor attitudes
  • Ego in wanting to talk about what we believe is important
  • Ignorance to truly not knowing enough about the question to be answered or issue being discussed
  • Lack of self-leadership skills

Focus takes practice. However, by learning how to remove the 98% peripheral stuff, you can achieve focus and clarity of thought. And by those actions, you can and will master success.

About the author

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Leanne Hoagland-Smith has over 25 years in sales. Her true joy is selling and…

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