While we all appreciate the new platforms and content that our companies provide, the problem becomes if we focus on getting visible without working on increasing our value, we’ll get vetted out of the deal. Visibility before Value = Vetted


We’ve heard the phrase, “sales is an activity game” but social has shed a massive spotlight on the sales community. The masses out there are shouting right back at your sales reps, “Where’s the beef?”

Sales enablement helps sales teams to get visible but the real question to ask yourself is when your sales reps get in front of the right person what do they have to say?

It’s reminds me of throwing someone out in front of crowd who has stage fright, shining a bright spotlight on them and then watching them freeze.

If your sales reps can’t back up personally all of the investment in sales enablement then a few things I guarantee will happen…
  • They get vetted
  • They lose the deal
  • They get beat over the head with the price hammer


The sales profession must come to the business table with value! There’s no magic behind this as the missing layer to effective sales enablement is self-enablement. What can your sales reps do to bring value to your clients and prospects?

Content plays a critical role in sales enablement, however; if your sales team can’t effectively drive a business conversation around the content then they’re dead in the water.

It boils down to this… Your sales team can do so much better. Your clients deserve the best version of your sales reps not a bunch of sales facades running around in empty suits!


You might be asking yourself, “Where do I start?”

It starts with your sales team knowing more than your clients and prospects know about your company’s products, solutions or services.


In order for sales reps to bring value, they MUST know more than the people they are meeting with, their clients and prospects. They must consume the content being provided to them. They must do their due diligence to educate themselves.

Nothing worse than an uneducated sales rep who recites information off the back of a brochure!

Hold your sales team accountable to a weekly cadence dedicated to learning. This means knowing inside and out the company offerings. They must learn their client’s environment. They must learn about the trends going on inside their clients industry.

Your sales reps best friend on this learning expedition is Google. Your sales team must become a bullpen full of teachers. Imagine a teacher knowing less than their students. I need not say anymore!


One of your most precious assets is your clients. I encourage you and your sales team to spend quality time with your clients. No, this doesn’t mean the dreaded stop by to say hello. I mean dig in deep. Learn something new about their business. Uncover a few key issues going on inside your client base.

Have each and every sales rep do this with their top 5 clients. As this becomes more routine, think of all the learning opportunities they uncover along the way. I guarantee what they uncover will closely mirror that of other potential clients.

One last note, bring your top clients into your office and facilitate a roundtable business discussion. Let me emphasize this is not a sales pitch. This is creating one of the best learning moments with your top clients. Listen and take in all that is said as I bet you and your team digest pearls of educational wisdom.


The road to self-enablement will set your sales team apart from the sea of unfortunate sameness. It’s the value your sales team creates through self-enablement that will become amplified with sales enablement.

Your sales team must get valuable before they get visible so they can become victorious. Unfortunately, many look to get visible before they understand how to get valuable and thus they get VETTED!

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Larry Levine

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