Last week I did three LinkedIn training sessions in one day. The variety of these back-to-back-to-back sessions is evidence of how mainstream Social Selling has become.

Here is a description of my Social Selling triathlon:

1.    Employees as Social Brand Ambassadors

The first session was a 1-hour classroom-style overview for the non-sales employees of a new client. Company executives realized that while salespeople are the best social brand ambassadors, they are not the only employees who can post company content to their social networks.

Since I was in town to kickoff training for the company’s Sales Department, it was easy to work in this introductory session. Over 50 volunteers from Customer Service, HR, and even Accounting showed up to learn how to enhance their LinkedIn Profile, grow their network, and share articles from the company blog.

Hey, if they average 200 Connections each, that’s an additional audience of 10,000.

2.    The Usual Suspects

The main event was the start of my 60-day Social Selling Boot Camp. We covered the prerequisites of Profiles and Connections before we get into the real sales activities later on: Finding New Prospects and Attracting Buyers with Content.

This session was a hybrid delivery model combining onsite classroom delivery with a simultaneous webinar delivery to field salespeople across the country.

This was more of a hands-on workshop with participants making the changes to their Profile and inviting new Connections as they learned the lessons.

3.    Association Roll-Up

Finally, I completed the last module of a 30-day training session for about 200 members of a trade association. There were two points worth mentioning.

First, webinar delivery made it possible to train one client from another client’s office. That’s efficient and saves clients money when I don’t have to burn an entire day.

Second, most participants worked for companies that are too small to afford custom training. The benefit of the association is that it provided the economy of scale to collect enough small businesses to make the economics of a custom course work for members, the association, and me.

As this busy day illustrates, there are many types of audiences and training delivery methods for Social Selling. If you are in a company with a B2B sales model, contact me and let’s find a solution that works for you.

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