The humble hand written thank you note is a powerful gesture that helps you deepen relationships with and retain customers.

This is Jessica Stokes from my family farm in upstate New York. I’ve been walking around the property for the last hour or so to get some inspiration and I discovered something really exciting that I can’t wait to share with you.

I am here at my grandfathers sap house. The sap House is the part of the farm where we actually made our own Maple syrup. The whole process of gathering sap from the trees and then bringing it down in huge vats to boil it down to that delicious sugary substance, we did right here at the farm all on our own.

Now we have been in the Maple syrup business in probably 25 years, but when I was rummaging through the sap house, I found something super cool. So let’s go check it out.

People Treasure Hand Written Thank You Notes

When I was rummaging around this clutter, I found a hand written thank you note. We talk all the time in my sales training sessions about the power of a small simple gesture.

While over the years I am sure my grandfather was thanked hundreds if not thousands of times, whenever he would give a guest to our property or a family member, a jug of this amazing sugary substance, he never really documented it himself. But here is a note from a visitor of our property that my grandfather had given a jug to and she took the time to write to thank him for his nice gesture.

When you do something as simple as sending a hand written thank you note – a note of appreciation to a prospect to a customer to a coworker – it’s something that they tend to hold onto and I have this evidence right here.

This note has probably been sitting in here for 30 years. This paper is old and yellow and tarnished but it is a testament to the raw power of a simple hand written thank you.

Thank You Note Challenge

So set yourself a reminder on your calendar once or twice a month. Can you find 5 people to drop a powerful handwritten note in the mail to?

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