Every successful sales person has a list of habits that form the core of his or her work. While the particulars vary with each individual or product line, many are universal. The following tangible, doable items are frequently accepted as fundamental to success, yet are often forgotten or overlooked.

Whether you are a veteran sales manager or new sales professional, using these habits each day will pay dividends and establish a winning rhythm for your work.

  1. Get to the point.

    Shorten your introductory letters and emails to three reasons why people buy from you. Communications with unnecessary words will not be read – but will be tossed or deleted.

  2. Start early.

    Do not wait until mid-morning to get your sales engine started. You win by producing in the morning – and kicking butt in the afternoon.

  3. Don’t neglect your attitude.

    This is the most controllable aspect of your success – but the most ignored. Keep it positive all day, each day. If this does not come naturally, work at it – it will get there soon enough.

  4. Work harder than anyone else in the office.

    Everybody gets outsold now and again. However, if you are getting outworked you will not find consistent success and, putting it bluntly, don’t belong on the team.

  5. Know what you want to say.

    Regularly “winging it” in person or on the phone shows a lack of judgment, not an abundance of creativity. Think, and then speak.

  6. Exercise.

    An active body leads to an active mind – which leads to a better attitude and greater productivity. Walk, run, or play a sport – whatever it takes – you will thank yourself.

  7. Talk with prospects EVERY day.

    In person or on the phone, it doesn’t really matter. If you are talking with more customers or colleagues than prospects, you are not doing your job.

  8. Find your killer instinct.

    We all have one – use it and you will find a way to pick yourself up after being knocked down – and win. Ignore it and you will blame someone or something else for your failures.

  9. Simplify.

    Don’t complicate new sales or customer service complaints – listen, understand, and then give your prospect or customer what they want.

  10. Be honest with yourself.

    Once you accept your personal strengths and weaknesses you can begin to take steps to increase your effectiveness and move your sales forward. Kid yourself and you will be stuck with the same old results.

About the author

Scott Sadlo

Scott Sadlo is a Captain of Industry and veteran Sales Professional with Capital Contractors,…

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