Do tattoos and body piercing belong in business?

There seems to be an increased number of people with tattoos on their body and a variety of body piercing. Body piercing used to be limited to earlobes, but it is not uncommon to have your waiter describe the catch of the day with an ornament threaded through his tongue. This practice may seem to be a personal issue. However, you need to proceed with caution if you want to have a serious place in the business world—especially the corporate world.

Fads come and go. It is not yet clear whether these practices are passing fancies or the wave of the future although I would venture a guess. One thing we do know is that people change over time. Before you do anything that is permanent, consider the long-term effect. Since your tattoo will be with you forever, you may want to put it where it is not visible with every day dress.

Body piercing are a different story since those objects can be removed. It is sort of like having your cake and eating it, too. In certain work environments, piercing are the norm, and creativity and eccentricity are not only accepted but also encouraged.

Keep in mind that the company or corporate culture dictates how you dress and how you accessorize. Personal preference is not the determining factor. If your boss doesn’t have a tattoo or body piercing and no one else in upper management does, that’s your cue that tattoos and piercing will probably get you out the door rather than up the ladder.

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