The truth is, hard work is a prerequisite to a true success.

Sales is a numbers game with any industry.

Be extremely honest with yourself. If you are not consistently hitting your numbers, there’s a clear reason why.

Find the gaps in your activity. Identify your weaknesses and work like never before to improve them. Find the strengths and make them even stronger.

Unfortunately, there are way too many sales reps looking for opportunities, just to get money and not really commit to doing the work, or to make a difference, to add value to their employers and to those they serve.

They just don’t want to work.

The truth is, hard work is a prerequisite to a true success. Your commitment and hard work is what sets you apart.

Commitment is what will catapult ones career. Squash complacent behavior!

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Larry Levine

Larry Levine

Larry Levine is the international best-selling author of Selling from the Heart and the…

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