The greatest obstacle in making a purchasing decision is fear. When it comes to selling, you better handle the prospect’s fear or it will handle you.

  1. Fear of making the wrong decision.
  2. Fear that the product or service will not perform up to their expectations.
  3. Fear of being ripped off. (No trust)
  4. Fear of putting their money into something that will not benefit them. (Not getting the full value out of their investment.)
  5. Fear of tying up their money in another project.
  6. Fear of loss of savings in the bank or budget in case of emergencies.
  7. Fear of the outcome or repercussions by (supervisor, partner, spouse, family).
  8. Fear of making any type of decision.
  9. Fear of not being accepted by their piers, if they make a poor purchasing decision. (Looking bad)
  10. Fear of spending too much money.
  11. Fear of losing out on a better deal elsewhere
  12. The fear of change.

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