A deeper understanding of naturally recurring patterns of thoughts and behaviors ensures that everyone on the team can maximize their strengths and work in collaboration with others to achieve both personal and professional goals.

“Our talents, gifts and perspectives appear to be in conflict with each other. We are spinning our wheels and not seeing the momentum we want in the growth of our business.

Is there a way we can work together as a team?  Or, is it hopeless and we should each go our separate ways?”

In our first, rather emotional, coaching session, this entrepreneurial Millennial couple, John and Joanne, lamented their challenges in working together.

These differences inevitably affected both their personal relationship and business success. They were desperate for clarity on how to be more considerate of each other.

How might they be more considerate of how to leverage each other’s talents to build company value?

In working closely with my husband, Gordon, for many years in medical device, software, engineering and consulting companies, I empathize with their cry for help.

As I’m making recommendations to them, I realized that I often give these same suggestions to leaders and sales managers who committed to building their Next Gen leader, regardless of the role they are in.

Being considerate is the sixth word in our RESPECT acronym. (React, Encourage, Sensitivity, Politeness, Extraordinary Kindness, Considerate, Timeliness)

Identify the Hats

The OMG Sales Evaluation is a great start in determining what “hat” each person is more comfortable and competent to wear.

For example, this couple identified who had the stronger acumen in hunting for new business and who was stronger at account management.

Respecting each other’s skill set is critical for determining who is the best fit for which role in the company.

With this couple, we also identified the Visionary and Integrator hats, two key roles that must be filled in any high growth businesses. The Visionary is able to develop strategy, generates ideas and sees the big picture.

They are always looking for ways to boost and exceed growth targets. However, they need the Integrator to execute these goals.

Which hat is your next gen leader most comfortable wearing? Account Manager? Farmer? Hunter? Check it out here.

Leverage Strengths

I also recommended the DiSC Behavioral Styles Assessment.  With this couple, one was high Driver and Influencer while the other was stronger Social and Conscientious. Once again, as they became more attuned and considerate of the other person’s natural wiring, both their personal relationship as well as their business successes will gain momentum.

The StrengthsFinder assessment is also a helpful resource. Along with these assessments, I recommend the book Strengths Based Leadership so that they can get an even greater understanding of how they complement each other and make a great team – providing they are willing to appreciate their differences and coordinate them in achieving their professional and personal goals.

Express Encouragement

In visiting with an elementary school teacher this week about the research for my upcoming book, Millennial Matters: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next Gen Leader, she reminded me of the adage that a person needs to receive 10-15 compliments to counter-act the negative impact of a criticism.

Not being aware of what someone brings to the team, can often cause conflict and critical comments. Encourage your up-and-coming leader to be considerate in encouraging others.

We often neglect thanking those closest to us, because we take it for granted that they know we appreciate them.

Build Bridges, Not Walls

Invite your Millennial leader to make a list of questions they can ask themselves to help build considerate relationships with co-workers. Here are a few examples:

  • If I say this, am I building bridges or building walls?
  • If I do this, will it be a relationship enhancer or a relationship wrecker?
  • When I ask a question, do I really listen to the answer?
  • When I’m in a conversation, am I focusing all my attention on the other person?

A deeper understanding of naturally recurring patterns of thoughts and behaviors ensures that everyone on the team can maximize their strengths and work in collaboration with others to achieve both personal and professional goals. This stops the spinning wheels and creates momentum.

In the next post, I’ll tell you how timeliness, the final word in our acronym, RESPECT, can help your up-and-coming business leader nurture respectful relationships with others.

Leadership Lesson:

By being considerate, your Millennial leader can build respectful, collaborative working relationships.

Leadership Question:

How are you encouraging your sales leader to be considerate towards others?

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