What can you do or are doing, even in a small way to improve our world?

During the last few months I have been writing about Life Enrichment, which is a descriptor for the general message of my Keynote programs; Gourmet Living: Building a Menu for your life.

This week, as I am flying to San Diego, I reflected on the “Giving Back” portion of Life Enrichment.

There were three reasons this topic stuck out:

One, I am in the middle of cleansing an un-used laptop and I will be shipping it to a person I have known for over 14 yrs. At 25 she is struggling, but has found a quality part-time job, begun to set goals, is raising a 5 year daughter alone and building her life.

Recently we have helped her buy a car and now hopefully a laptop that she can use to improve her education, and connect to the world.

Second, this past weekend, my wife and I opened our home for a local Woman’s Association that ran a “home tour”, where a multitude of people toured various homes in our community to raise money for a variety of local charities.  

We spent money to obviously make the home shine, but the local “Ladies Association” will raise close to $10,000 on that event alone!

And third, the last two weekends, I played (poorly) in fundraiser Golf tournaments, and this next weekend there will be a third fundraiser tournament. 

The first was for the Art’s, the second for the local volunteer Fire dept. and next weekend, for the golf course itself.

I am certainly not bragging or using this blog to promote what Ken Thoreson does, I have been blessed in many ways, but I feel it is important to help others-in whatever way you can. 

In our community, people volunteer thousands of hours a year, and do so in many small ways to improve the quality of life locally and nationally.

The outcome: as you improve the quality of others’ lives, your life will become enriched and you will become a better person and more fulfilled.

My challenge this week is: what can you do or are doing, even in a small way to improve our world?

Give back!

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