If you haven’t included video marketing into your integrated marketing plan, maybe now is the time to take that action.

Ensure A Maximum Return With Limited Time

Recently, I entered the world of video marketing. Yes, I am late to the dance because I truly do not like to see myself in pictures, on camera, etc. You get the idea.

Because YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, engaging in video marketing is truly a no-brainer. However, as in any endeavor, proper preparation is required to ensure the maximum return on one’s limited resources of time, energy, money, and emotions.

This is why is it is critical to hire or connect with someone who knows more than you and can help you avoid many of those costly, time-consuming obstacles you may encounter if you decide to go it alone.

Market Research

I hired Dave Woodson, who guided me through the process in less than 15 minutes after uploading the video. Woodson has been supporting other small business owners to market their businesses, their solutions via this popular marketing vehicle.

Before I actually spoke with Woodson, I did my research on:

  • Keywords
  • Video titles and descriptions
  • Tags and categories within the YouTube domain
  • How others in my industry of small business coaching and executive consulting constructed their videos including content, time, etc.
  • The theme or flow of my future videos

Yes, this research did require a time investment. However, it was well worth this investment because after uploading the video, my actual time with Woodson was under 15 minutes.

Having engaged in education-based marketing for the last six years through various channels including article marketing distribution, writing a business column, speaking, and through my blog, all of these efforts allowed me to quickly put together the text around this video.

After completing this endeavor, I asked Woodson the following question:

What is the number one mistake small business people make in using this marketing channel?

Woodson offered two answers:

1. Not thinking locally

2. Thinking it must be perfect.

Mistake number one, Woodson said, means your business is “lost in the mix” while mistake number two really means you will never do video marketing.

The 21st-century marketplace has changed by its expansion into the global market. Savvy small business owners who leverage these changes, including video marketing, and execute those changes well will push their companies ahead of the flow creating significant competitive advantages.

If you haven’t included video marketing into your integrated marketing plan, maybe now is the time to take that action. As Woodson said, “the more you do it, the more comfortable you will be and this will translate into how much more believable you are.”

Believe it or not!

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