Make 2,500 More Cold Calls and You’ll Close More Deals

Successful salespeople know that small cumulative steps, done every day, bring the most impactful results. The good news is, all it takes is one more call.

The grand majority of gimmicky sales advice is centered around closing the most deals in the shortest amount of time.

These are nothing but empty “get rich quick” tips disguised as seemingly proven sales strategies.

Many of these suggestions are impractical, short-term solutions that do not reap long-term benefits.

They might not apply to every salesperson or sales team, or they demand that you invest in some kind of automation software that is about as effective as shouting into the void.

Nothing compares to the phone when it comes to getting in touch with prospects.

Cold calling isn’t easy, and it takes time and effort to hone your messaging, set more appointments, and close more deals.

But success is not achieved overnight. Instead, small cumulative steps, done every day, will produce the greatest rewards.

Making 2,500 Cold Calls Seems Impossible

On a recent video call, I asked a group of salespeople to make 2,500 calls. 

The call got eerily quiet. Their faces were blank. Their mouths hung open in disbelief but nothing came out.

To which I repeated my request.

“Go make 2,500 calls.”  

Finally, one of the senior account executives spoke up.

“We can’t do that. That’s a lot of calls. We don’t have the time. Let’s get real.”  

I replied that I was dead serious.

You could feel the tension in the air. The ten reps on the call didn’t know what to say and probably felt like the training session was a waste of time.

At this moment, I interjected one more time and asked them to hear me out. 

The Cumulative Impact of Small Things Every Day

“2500 calls is a lot. I get it,” I announced. “But look at it this way.”

I said to the team of ten that if every person made just one more call, they would easily get to 2,500.

Some people scratched their heads. I went on.

“Think about it. All I am asking you to do is to make one more call a day. If everybody did that, and if I give you two weeks off a year, making one more call a day would equal 2,500 more calls a year.” 

I could see the light bulbs turn on in their heads and their demeanors completely changed.

Motivation instantly replaced their skepticism as they began to process what a difference this methodology would make for their team.

In fact, one of the account executives chimed in saying how amazing it would be if they each made five extra calls a day.

I said, “Yeah, that would be an extra 12,500 calls a year!”

Suddenly, what seemed like an impossible task became an easy one that every person on that sales team could start employing immediately.

Consistency is the Key to Long-Term Success

Doing small things every day will add up. The key to long-term success is consistency. You can achieve cumulative impact by making incremental adjustments to your current processes.

Over time, these little changes will produce big payoffs.

Pipeline building is the foundation of success for your sales team, and it all comes down to making just one more call.

Prospecting sequences are the key to engaging high-quality prospects on cold calls. We teach you exactly how to build effective cold calling sequences in our FREE guide Seven Steps to Building Effective Prospecting Sequences.

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