One advantage that salespeople posses is this; aside from being a salesperson, you are also a consumer and a prospect, enabling you to better connect with each prospect you speak with.

Think about what goes through your mind when you make a buying decision. Here are the top twelve most commonly asked questions as it relates to making a purchasing decision.

1. Is this something that I truly want or need?
2. Am I getting the best deal?
3. Is there a real identifiable value in the product or service?
4. Is the price fair in relation to the value?
5. Should I spend a little more money for better quality?
6. Is this salesperson being up front and honest with me?
7. Is this salesperson sincerely looking out for my best interests?
8. Can I afford to make this purchase now?
9. Should I shop around and see what other companies are offering?
10. Should I hold on to my money in case I need it for something else, like a real emergency?
11. Do I clearly see the benefits of making this purchase?
12. Is it going to cost me more in the long run if I don’t make this change (as a result of buying this product/service)?

These are the same questions that run through the mind of the prospect who is listening to you and what you have to offer. By keeping these questions in the forefront of your mind, you will be better equipped to defuse the concerns and resistance that would otherwise stall or destroy your sale.

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