Peter McLaughlin is a salesman at heart. In his 25-year career in sales he has run the gamut, from serving as Sales and Marketing Director for a Wall Street publisher, to selling to the C-suite in the technology and healthcare sector, to business-to-business commission-only telemarketing of financial research. He has also been a successful business owner, managing, growing then selling a company in the security industry.

Peter is a practicing hypnotist and has been a student of subconscious influence since his certification in 2006. This interest in the mind came as a direct result of a leukemia diagnosis eleven years ago. He reasoned that if the mind is powerful enough to effect the body, as in the placebo effect, what else is possible. It was his education as a hypnotist and his subsequent work as a practitioner that led him to combine the skills of two worlds that rarely, if ever, intersect: sales and subconscious persuasion. As President of BTC Sales Development, Peter leads trainings of the theoretical underpinnings and the practical techniques described in his book: Becoming the Customer, Empathy, Influence and Closing the Sale.

A former professional actor in NYC, Peter is a member of Actor's Equity and SAG/AFTRA and an experienced presenter, moderator and panelist. He is a volunteer firefighter with seven years of experience as an EMT, and lives in Western New York with his wife and three children.

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