I Believe in the Law of Attraction

If you’re looking for a way to create the life you know you are capable of achieving, then leverage these four secrets to attracting what you want.

People ask me if I believe in the Law of Attraction.  I tell them that not only do I believe in it, but I use it every day to attract the kind of life I want. In fact, using the Law of Attraction is as important a part of what I do as is picking up the phone and speaking with clients, conducting training programs, creating products, etc.

Actually, it’s more important than all that.  You see, I believe that success in all I do starts in my mind first, and then that vision is what drives the actions and decisions I make that brings the opportunities and situations into my life that allow me to fulfill my vision.

People then ask exactly how I use the Law of Attraction to bring things into my life and I tell them I have four secrets to attracting what you want that ALWAYS work for me in my life.

Space To Meditate

The first thing I do is get somewhere where I can be quiet. I have a meditation space in my office, but I’ve done this in my car, in the parking lot, at the park, even in the lobby of companies.

The important thing is to just sit somewhere and get quiet. Don’t try to think about anything.  Don’t try to think of the right thoughts or of what you want or what you don’t have or what you’re afraid of.

The point here is just to clear your mind for a few moments. I do this by just counting five breaths.

A Greater Power

Shift your mind and think about God.  If you’d rather think of something else bigger than you, then great! You can think of The Power of the Universe, or The Great Spirit or The Law of Attraction, or the power that drives the waves in the ocean.  Just think about a power greater than yourself.

Concentrate on this power and think about all its attributes. I like to think about how God is all around me and everybody else. I like to think of the infinite resources God has, the knowledge and power and how God always wants the best, the highest for me and all others.

Believe and Achieve

Think about what it is you want to accomplish. The key here is to think about what it feels like to have already attracted or created or achieved what it is you want. Think about how you feel, how others feel, and what it means to actually be living and being what it is you desire.

Feeling and emotion at this point are crucial.  If you’re able (and you will with a little practice) to actually believe that you’ve achieved your goal, then you’ve succeeded here at this step.  After a while, this will be a really fun step, and you’ll want to do this exercise over and over because it feels so good!

Give Thanks

Give thanks to God, or the Universe or whatever power you’ve thought about for brining this goodness into your life. This is an important step and learning to live in thanks and gratitude will change your life.

I’ve found that this last step has been the most important to help me maintain the feeling of “being” at the new level of achievement I am seeking.  And it is this feeling of “being” that acts as the magnet bringing in the circumstances and opportunities into my life.

If you’re looking for a way to create the life you know you are capable of achieving, then I highly recommend trying these four secrets to attracting what you want.”  I know first-hand that they work, and I know they’ll work for you, too.

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Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks is the founder of Mr. Inside Sales, a North Carolina based inside…

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