Part of the reason so many small business owners are crazy busy is because they are not 100 percent forward-thinking leaders.

“We don’t have a budget as much as we need to take this action.”

This statement or what is called a sales objection is heard every day by small business owners to sales professionals.

Just this week, I again experienced this all too common sales objection.

Even though I had made a friend, had been asked back to learn what was happening in this organization and had demonstrated a 200 percent return on investment in 30 days just by saving 12 minutes a day, the decision-maker retreated to the all too common budget obstacle.

As I reflected on the presentation process, I realized one critical and missing qualifying component was not present. I was not working with a forward-thinking individual.

From my experience, forward-thinking leaders will find the money when they see the value.

Customer Relationships

Value is unique to each individual especially for business executives who must decide where to invest their profits.

This is why it is important to have an established relationship with your potential customers. Some sales experts will talk about building rapport.

That is sales hyperbole. Let’s be honest, we can have a rapport with a complete stranger just by smiling or shaking hands.

However, if the potential customer (prospect) lacks the capacity to be a forward-thinking leader, then all the value-added demonstrations will fall flat and still leave as the salesperson pocket poor.

This is probably why it takes on average four to 12 meetings to earn a sale.

Of course, one could attempt the high pressure, always be closing behavior by using some of the Art of War strategies. For some, such sales behavior works, but it is not my style.

And from what I have read, this type of sales behavior turns more people off than on.

What I learned from this lesson was to make sure that I present only forward-thinking leaders.

So what qualifying characteristics or qualities are within such individuals?

  • They clearly know where they are and clearly know where they want to be
  • They are persons of decisions not indecisions
  • They are risk-takers
  • They demonstrate high business ethics
  • They value and demonstrate continuous improvement
  • They know how to lead themselves first before they lead others
  • They are open-minded
  • They understand there is no quick fix
  • They ask insightful questions
  • They invest in the business beyond the standard direct and indirect costs

Successful Businesses

Part of the reason so many small business owners are crazy busy is because they are not 100 percent forward-thinking leaders.

Being successful in today’s global market place is very much about going beyond just surviving to truly thriving by looking to the future.

This is where the many are separated from the few and why there are so few successful businesses.

If you doubt this statement, just look at the number of failed businesses as well as the No. 1 problem for organizations today: inconsistent, poor to unsuccessful execution.

Consider asking yourself; are you truly a forward-thinking leader? Then determine what actions you need to take to move yourself and your business to that next future level of success.

About the author

Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Leanne Hoagland-Smith has over 25 years in sales. Her true joy is selling and…

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